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Y K Sabharwal, the Late Chief Justice of India is a synonym of courage. There were many prominent names who sat on the said throne, but the attitude and popularity Mr. Y K Sabharwal received, is beyond the clouds.

He is the one, who raised the hope concerning the rights of the LGBT community which was not getting enough importance in the last days. Along with this, he made the fundamental rights given by The Indian Constitution to be challenged by the people. It was by far one of the finest and appreciated judgments given by Y K Sabharwal that made him sit in the heart of the people.

Mission – To restore the faith of the people in Indian Judiciary and to make them believe that with time justice will be granted.

Vision – We are unswerving towards making the legacy of Y K Sabharwal leap with time. His journey, endeavour, and love for people should not be forgotten. The hope of justice on the court should not diminish from the heart of the people.

Nitin and Chetan Sabharwal; sons of Y K Sabharwal are working hard to take his legacy forward. A book named “Beyond the Name” has been launched is a step forward to motivate people, especially the young generation towards law. He believed that the legal fight and the changes that one expects in the country could not be done by sitting at home. One has to come out to start the battle. More and more youth should choose law as their career and help to strengthen the judicial system of India.

Y K Sabharwal is an inspiration and reason for why today we have such valid and influential changes in not only in the legal system but also in the country. His way of working in the court has changed the meaning of judgments. He was a man with a magnificent attitude who was focused on holding the rule of law, constitution and all the branches with one root. A country can be taken forward only when it’s legal system and judiciary is strong.His intellect and distinguished approach will always abide us with our responsibilities.


Judgment Areas

Y K Sabharwal is a legendary name in the Indian judiciary who is known for giving various landmark judgements. Most of his judgments were criticized and were not appreciated at multiple levels, but at the later stage they all come up with positive changes for the society as a whole and even for the country. Here we are writing down some of the famous and landmark judgment given by Y K Sabharwal; the former Chief Justice of India.

Raja Ram Pal case, Police Reforms, Section 377 IPC, Bihar Assembly -

Raja Ram Pal vs The Honble Speaker, Lok Sabha & Ors on 10 January, 2007
Author : Sabharwal, Y.K. (Cji),
CASE NO. : Writ Petition (civil) 1 of 2006
RESPONDENT : The Hon'ble Speaker, Lok Sabha & Ors
DATE OF JUDGMENT : 10/01/2007
Bench : Sabharwal, Y.K. (Cji), Balakrishnan, K.G. (J), Thakker, C.K.(J), R.V. Raveendran, Jain, D.K. (J)
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Delhi Sealing Drive -

Y K Sabharwal was a part of the bench who was heading for Delhi Sealing Drive in the year 2006. Here the judgment was given was with regard to the refusal of giving any relief. Here, in this case, many illegal constructions were demolished. These constructions were not only in any part of the city but were over the entire Delhi. This judgment was one of the controversial judgments given by Y K Sabharwal till date.

Dissolution of Bihar Assembly -

The judgement given by Y K Sabharwal for the dissolution of the Bihar Assembly raised many eyebrows, and there were people who were not in support for the same. He on October 2005 gave the decision saying the dissolution of the Bihar assembly as unconstitutional. The basis of the judgment was through the Governor Buta Singh’s report. The fresh elections were continued, and the new assembly was formed.

Fundamental Rights -

Y K Sabharwal was a part of the nine-judge bench in the fundamental rights case in the year 2007. In this given judgement all the laws falling under the ninth schedule of the Indian Constitution were made open to challenge by the public. The fundamental rights listed here were Article, 14, 19, 20, and 21.

These were the judgment areas that appear first when the name Y K Sabharwal comes into the picture. He is the one who has worked for the upliftment of the judiciary at various instances and hence, has huge respect in the eye of people.